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“Our aspiration is to empower a unique space where deaf people have equal opportunities and choice to services, interaction and society however and wherever they choose.”

Mission Statement

Rare Rockets embarks on our never-ending mission to strengthen our professional alliances, cohesively and collaboratively working with deaf, hearing, and professional communities across all sectors of language interaction, community support, training and resources.


I’m Craig Jones, CEO of RareRockets and previously Director of CJ Interpreting Service. I have worked in the Deaf field since 1998 starting in Youth work before becoming Manager of both a local Deaf organisation and BSL Interpreting Service under a Local Authority. I have also been involved in many voluntary organisations and committees.

On a personal level, I am married with two grown kids before recently adding to the family an adorable cockapoo! I’m a long-suffering supporter of Middlesbrough FC. I play golf, not brilliantly but I do try my best to at least knock the ball straight! Stick a barbeque in front of me, the world is my oyster, the smell of charcoal, meats and veg cooking, and I am in heaven! The oven and hobs in the kitchen are my space. I would like to think I’m those celebrity chefs strutting their stuff and tickling the palate, James Martin being a favourite of mine (a true Yorkshireman, so just down the road for me). I admit I am A MASSIVE STAR WARS Geek, Revenge of the Sith, a favourite of mine, others may think differently!

From a work perspective, my passion will always lie within the Tees Valley and County Durham. I firmly believe in equality for Deaf people right across the board, especially when accessing mainstream services. Whether this be from a grassroots Deaf perspective or from professionals, I will always strive to achieve a working partnership with Deaf and hearing people. With such a huge range of diversity in deaf people, collaborative working how we can work well as an organisation and a business. In a business, I want to see a growth in business to reflect the future development working alongside stakeholders. Rare Rockets will forever keep evolving and progressing to benefit not only the Deaf community however, in its working collaborative with the hearing community. 

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Hello…I’m Charlotte and I am Head of the Interpreting department. I am, first and foremost a qualified interpreter and have been for over 12 years, I stopped counting after that! I have worked and still do, when I am allowed out the office, in predominately the legal domain, however, most recently, embracing the world of media interpreting. I am a proud member of Visual Language Professional Union. I have had the pleasure of working and living in York, Leeds and now settled in the North East. Interpreting is my absolute “professional passion”. I would love to see the profession continue to work collaboratively with the Deaf community whilst working beside businesses and professionals to strive for a all-encompassing working relationship. As head of interpreting, I use my vast experience of working as an interpreter, transferring those skills into the Rare Rockets world of management whereby I, not only, oversee the running of the booking team, I also strive to expand, develop and support our ever growing team of trainee interpreters ready for their launch!

Enough of the boring stuff; I am a Mum of three little girls, who keep me very busy on the working farm where we live. I am pretty unskilled at tractor driving but love to round up the sheep, goats and cows on my motorbike with varying success. I play the piano, however, my singing voice leaves much to be desired. I am a huge fan of the cinema despite Cats nearly ruining it for me! Coffee and cake is the way to my heart, as long as I have not had to make either!

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Hi there, I’m Linda and I have recently started here at Rare Rockets in the Finance Department. I’ve always had a passion and keen interest in accounting and book-keeping thanks to a Mum who was a meticulous bookkeeper and wages clerk. Also being a Libran, I am very organised by nature, so administration and finance tasks suit me down to the ground!

After reluctantly winding the family business down in the Spring, I started looking for a new challenge and was delighted to be so warmly welcomed on board by Rare Rockets! To be joining a team with such drive and passion is so inspiring, I am committed to ensuring that our customers and suppliers, and indeed everyone who we deal with on a financial and administration level is given a first-class service every single time! Nothing less will do!

On a personal level, I’ve been happily married for 36 years, we have 2 grown-up daughters and 2 beautiful granddaughters, no little boys in our family. 

We love family holidays altogether, we’ve been to Florida 12 times, however, hubby has now said “No more!!” to Disney! I am an avid Liverpool FC supporter and drag my husband (who is not interested in football at all!) off to Anfield at every opportunity! Although we can never get tickets as they are like gold dust so we just soak up the atmosphere and watch it in a pub instead!! Like most people, to me, family is everything and if everyone is happy and healthy, then that’s all we need!

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Hi there, my name is Emma and I’m the Business Development Manager here at Rare Rockets.

My role within the organisation is to develop relationships and raise awareness of our services within the deaf community; I also identify partnership opportunities and secure new contracts within both the private and public sectors.

I’m initially from a hotel background, specialising in Sales and Business Development, however like most hoteliers I have done it all. Over the last 10 years I have applied my skills to various industries including Education and Care.

I am happily married and we have 4 children, 1 girl and 3 boys, plus a dog-named Daphne and a cat called Tabitha, so life is never dull. I love going to the cinema, watching live music, doing puzzles, eating scones and most of all sitting in a coffee shop, eating cake  and people watching!

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Hello… I’m Michelle and I am the Training Co-ordinator here at Rare Rockets.

When I left college, I started working within the Catering industry and continued for many years, until last year, due to the pandemic I became redundant. So, this forced me to revaluate what I wanted for my career and when an opportunity came up to join the Rare Rockets team, I very much jumped on board and I’ve never looked back. I’m passionate about everything we here and I’m excited to take the training department to the next level.

Moving onto my personal and home life……. I have a husband and we have been married for 21 years, we have two older boys, which are growing up too fast. Our family dog is a cocker spaniel called Poppy, she is really cute.

My family keep me very busy with different hobbies such as golf, mountain biking and every weekend we go to watch our son play football, come rain or shine we are always there cheering him on.

When the men in my life are not keeping me busy, my hobbies and interests can be watching something on Netflix and baking cupcakes (always the cook), but my favourite thing is going away on holiday, visiting different countries, new places, somewhere hot and sunny with the girls!

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Our experienced, friendly yet professional in-house team will work with you to connect you with qualified and experienced communications professionals who are fully prepared to meet your needs.

Our experienced, friendly yet professional in-house team will work with you to connect you with qualified and experienced communications professionals who are fully prepared to meet your needs.